Why is 'Watch The Throne' so expensive on vinyl?

"Why is 'Watch the Throne' so expensive on vinyl?" is a real thing I had to google recently.

With recent releases from both Jay Z and Kanye West this summer, but only limited hope that either one would see the light of day on vinyl, I had to make a decision.  I think 'Yeezus' is incredible and Magna Carta Holy Grail is unquestionably great, but both albums have been out for months now and there is still no clear indication that I'll ever own those albums in the physical format.  I know Third Man Records is supposedly going to release MCHG on vinyl... but I've yet to see it, so I'm not holding my breath.  As much as I like the two new albums though, I asked myself why I don't own 'Watch the Throne' when I know it's one of my favorite albums to listen to from either artist.  I'm racking my brain about why they'd release such big albums this year without a pressing on vinyl, when their combined album, which I probably love more than any of their other individual work, exists on vinyl and I don't own it.

Then I remembered, oh yeah, it's really expensive

After temporary consideration of my priorities in life, weighing the decision of what one of my favorite albums might be worth, and seeing that maybe I caught an opportunity to buy the album new and on sale, I went for it and now I own 'Watch the Throne' on vinyl. I think I bought my copy for $92 from Amazon.  

So, can I answer my original question now?  I don't know.  It does have some pretty impressive packaging... I don't even know what you call the gatefold design.  The vinyl is clearly heavyweight, and the pictures of Jay Z and Kanye printed onto the vinyl is pretty cool, albeit a little bit weird, but I don't know what part of that launches it into the $100+ category.  It is JUST one album.  

But again, when I considered the fact that I was being a tryhard (shouts, AW) about not being able to buy Yeezus or MCHG on vinyl, but I didn't own the one album from both artists that I still love more than the new stuff, I just went for it.   

Now when someone asks "why is 'Watch the Throne' so expensive on vinyl" you can just say, "because some people are willing to pay for it."   

There's probably a better answer.