10 Albums We're Looking Forward To This Fall 2013

Fall is my favorite season.  There's something noble and respectfully mature about a season that marks the transition from life to death, light to dark, flip flops to chukka boots.  If Spring is your sister's idiot friend partying in Cabo, Fall is a wise old college professor, pulling a pipe from his tweed jacket pocket and lamenting over the demise of classical education. 

So it's no surprise that Fall is also my favorite time of year for music.  Albums released in the Fall feel like they carry more weight, their creators more serious, introspective and sweeping.  Of course, I know I'm overreaching, but as one looks at what's on the horizon over the next few months, the albums being dropped confirm my suspicions that Fall is indeed the best time of year for new albums.

Here are 10 albums releasing this fall that we're most excited about:


10.  Arcade Fire - 'Reflektor'