21. Andrew Bird - 'Break it Yourself' + Black Gold

Andrew Bird - ‘Break It Yourself’ + Black Gold

Ingredients: 1 shot Tennessee whiskey, 1 shot Kahlua, splash of Coke, ice, stick of Kit Kat (for garnish…no kidding).

Mixing Instructions: Pour whiskey and Kahlua into glass with ice, top off with Coke, throw a stick of Kit Kat bar on top for good measure.

Listening Instructions:  Bird’s music has never been categorized as easy-listening, but this album seems a bit more relaxed without losing the depth, precision and complexity that he is known for.  The first two tracks are palate-cleansers, use them to tinker with your drink and get settled for the rest of the album.  ”Danse Caribe” and “Eyeoneye” are both excellent and display of Bird’s range of skills.  ”Lazy Projector” is one that could get lost in the shuffle, but deserves some concentration.  This album will grow with age as one peels back all the layers…an enjoyable experience for people who truly love music.