109. Bob Dylan - ‘Desire’ + Fernet Branca shot(s) w/ Ginger Ale Chaser

***Hurricane Sandy Pairing***

Bob Dylan - ‘Desire’ + Fernet Branca shot(s) w/ Ginger Ale Chaser

Ingredients: 1 bottle Fernet Branca, 2 cans of Ginger Ale

Mixing Instructions: The hurricane is coming, just pour man…POUR!!!

Notes:  As the East Coast hunkers down for a potentially fierce hurricane one would be right to ask the question, “What shall I listen to as Sandy comes my way…better yet, what shall I drink?”  Come now, V+C has just what you need.  Bob Dylan’s seventeenth studio album is quirky, gale force Americana at its best.  Released between the two legs of the Rolling Thunder (fitting right?) tour this album was one of his most collaborative efforts, a swirling storm of creative inputs.  ”Oh, is that one song…” You mean “Hurricane” - yes, it is the opening track.  You’ll play it over and over for half a bottle or so of Fernet before continuing on to the rest.  By the time you’re done you’ll be ready to stare fiercely into the eye of the storm and with raised fist exclaim, “Not today my friend, NOT TODAY!!!”

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