148. Christopher Owens - ‘Lysandre' + Paddy Cocktail

Christopher Owens - ‘Lysandre' + Paddy Cocktail

Ingredients:  1.5 ounces Irish Whiskey (my vote, Jameson), 1.5 ounces sweet vermouth, 1 dash angostura bitters

Mixing Instructions: Stir in ice for 30 seconds, strain into cocktail glass.

Notes:  Christopher Owens has a special place in my music catalog.  His work as the driving force behind Girls, and the two great albums that were produced therein, have a knack for nudging me in an emotional direction that I don’t find myself very naturally; guilt mostly, with a taste deep sadness.  You might ask then, why would you seek out music that makes you feel that way.  The answer is, I don’t, I just keep going back to it because it’s so good.  The music is just indescribably great… and the emotion that you get when listening to it is oddly real and powerful.  So when I heard Girls would be no more but that Christopher Owens would release music as a solo project, I knew I’d have to approach it cautiously.  As it turns out, Owens’ still has a story to tell and he tells it well.  Lysandre is a beautiful progression from his work as lead for Girls and may just break the mold enough to be an album I listen to and share with others more readily.

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