71. Chromatics - ‘Kill For Love’ + Sgroppino

Chromatics - ‘Kill For Love’ + Sgroppino

Ingredients: 1/3 cup lemon sorbet, 3 ounces prosecco, 1 ounce vodka

Mixing Instructions: In a cocktail shaker whisk together the sorbet and a splash of prosecco until fully mixed.  While whisking, slowly add in the vodka and rest of the prosecco.  Serve in a cocktail glass.

Notes: If you liked the Drive Soundtrack (through which the group gained much deserved attention for their song “Tick of the Clock), buy this album.  Following up their 2007 release of Night Drivethe Pacific Northwest-based quartet pulls off an ambitious 90-min dark ambient album with the cool expansiveness of an Italian Noir film.  Despite the largeness of the landscape covered by the album there are plenty of catchy synth-pop way points for listeners to grab onto throughout.  A perfect lazy weekend listen that pairs well with a boozy lemon Italian cocktail.  

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