120. Death Cab For Cutie - ‘Transatlanticism’ + Trident

Death Cab For Cutie - ‘Transatlanticism’ + Trident

Ingredients: 1 ounce dry sherry, 1 ounce Cynar, 1 ounce aquavit, 2 dashes peach bitters, lemon twist for garnish.

Mixing Instructions: Combine ingredients in a mixing glass with ice.  Stir until chilled and strain into a cocktail glass.

Notes: When Death Cab lead singer, Ben Gibbard, was asked in an interview about his group being classified as “emo” he said he preferred the words of a journalist who described them as an “emo affiliate”.  When one listens to the the fourth album by the Seattle-based band, there’s no doubt it contains a fair amount of relational heartache and introspection.  However, what stands out upon closer inspection is a craftmenship and attention to detail (transitions, song placement, flow) that moves the album beyond simple genre descriptors into a higher realm of classification — great album.  Ranked by Rolling Stone as the 57th best album of the decade, Transatlanticism is an example of the beauty that can ensue when bands set out to create an album rather than just a collection of songs. 

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