149. Dent May - ‘Do Things’ + Root Canal Float

Dent May - ‘Do Things’ + Root Canal Float

Ingredients: 1 can root beer, 2 ounces Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, 1 large scoop vanilla ice cream.

Mixing Instructions: Pour whiskey in mug, add root beer and stir lightly.  Top with ice cream and serve immediately. *via Pepper.ph

Notes: Listening to Mississippi-native Dent May is like taking a lake-shore drive around the Southern psyche.  There’s a laid-back lack of self-consciousness in May’s music that many a New York artist have spent thousands of dollars on chemical substances trying to achieve.  His second album is mildly psychedelic and deceptively hooky, marinating and slow-cooking your musical brains like a rack of ribs.  The comparisons to Brian Wilson are accurate…and frankly, that’s a good thing as he creates a mellowness that induces bliss, not boredom.  Paired with a cocktail much in the spirit of May (it has ice cream…why? because ice cream is good, that’s why), take a slow day and “do things your own way.”

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