106. Jay-Z - ‘The Black Album’ + The 40/40

Jay-Z - ‘The Black Album’ + The 40/40

Ingredients:  2 ounces Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka, 4 ounces Godiva White Chocolate liqueur, splash of half-and-half, Chocolate Syrup

Mixing Instructions:  Put all ingredients (except syrup) in a shaker with ice.  Mix well and strain into a cocktail glass lined with chocolate syrup.

Notes: Remember that joke when Jay-Z said he was retiring in 2003 and was putting everything he had into one final album?  Well, it wasn’t a joke—it just didn’t last.  Looking back, we can’t imagine the current musical landscape today without his continued contributions and we’d be hard-pressed to believe anyone could.  The Black Album marked a moment in time that will be remembered for decades to come as a highlight in an incredible career for Jay-Z and for hip-hop music moving forward.   As it turned out, the album is incredibly well finished because Jay did plan on it to be his lasting impression… lucky for us it just wasn’t his last.  As an advocate for art, music, and culture, we’re excited to recommend you revisit this classic album with a drink off the 40/40 club cocktail menu.

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