43. JJ Doom - ‘Key to the Kuffs’ + Jack and Coke

JJ Doom - ‘Key to the Kuffs’ + Jack and Coke

Ingredients:  Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Coca-Cola

Mixing instructions:  Mix together to desired taste and strength, stir with ice… garnish with a lime wedge if that’s your thing. 

Notes:  Doom is back, and we couldn’t be more excited.  We chose jack and coke because it’s a simple mix that works just like Doom has a simple formula that always works.  Not overly complex at face value (never over-produced… usually no hooks or choruses)… but anything paired with Doom will be good.  He’s INCREDIBLE!—A lyricist in the truest form.  JJ Doom - Key to the Kuffs is not a traditional (modern) rap album, Doom will never do that… but if you get passed how raw it sounds, you’ll notice that Doom’s lyrical capabilities still clearly set him apart from the rest of the field.  His sharp and witty wordplay is a never-ending display of his talent.  His verses still start and end abruptly….but they’re as sharp as ever and if you pay attention you’ll hear some of the most witty lyrical banter available in the current musical landscape. Add production for this album from Jneiro Jarel as well as guest appearances from Damon Albarn (of Blur and Gorillaz fame) and Beth Gibbons (Portishead)… and you have a genuine work of art.  GMO, Wash Your Hands, Retarded Fren, Guv’nor, Bite the Thong, and a smooth instrumental, Viberian Sun Part II are all standouts… but put this LP on your platter and you won’t be disappointed.  Drink up!

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