70. Kid Koala - ‘12 Bit Blues’ + The Bobby Boucher

Kid Koala - ‘12 Bit Blues’ + The Bobby Boucher

Ingredients: 1/2oz Sweet Vermouth, 1/4oz Benedictine, 2oz overproof bourbon, 1/4 oz cherry Heering, Ice, Orange twist

Mixing Instructions: Fill a chilled pint glass with ice.  Add all the remaining ingredients except the garnish and stir well.  Strain into an ice-filled glass, pinch the orange twist over the drink and drop it in.  

Notes:  Ever since I saw Kid Koala live in 2004 I swore I would always be a fan of his talent. What I didn’t know was how difficult it would be for me to sell others on what he does.  12 Bit Blues is 12 tracks of blues greatness expertly mixed by a master of the craft.  Imagine a record bin full of old blues LPs that nobody pays attention to snatched up by Kid Koala and turned into very listenable tracks.  In my opinion, this is his most accessible album—especially if you understand what Kid Koala is doing to put it together.  You should be blown away by how he makes it sound like something so new and fresh.  Please, I beg of you, buy a copy of 12 Bit Blues… you’ll be happy you did.  Added Bonus, if you buy the album on vinyl, it comes with a kit to play the vinyl record out of the materials in the packaging.  You absolutely need to hear this album and we recommend it with The Bobby Boucher—a drink suited for some blues that won’t get you down.

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