124. Metz - ‘Metz’ + Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Metz - ‘Metz’ + Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Ingredients: 1 bottle Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

Mixing Instructions: pour in chilled pint glass and serve.

Notes:  My first introduction to Canadian sludge-punk band, Metz, came via their creepily addictive music video for "Wet Blanket", which featured a glazed-eyed teenage blonde navigating a series of rust-belt life scenes in a heavy trance, every sound and site zoomed in and slowed.  The thousand-yard stare of the half-gone teenager is hypnotic.  Like Metz, you can’t escape the feeling that behind the heavily scarred walls of her psyche she’s playing us all like a fiddle.  The heaviness of Metz’s sound - thundering drums, overwhelming bass and guitar - envelops you just as if you were listening to their live show, stage-center…from a coffin.  Metz provides the perfect opportunity to make friends with Rogue’s delicious Dead Guy Ale as they methodically slay you with their sound. 

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