36. Niki & The Dove - ‘Instinct’ + Dolin and Soda

Niki & The Dove - ‘Instinct’ + Dolin and Soda

Ingredients: 2 ounces Dolin Blanc vermouth, 2 ounces seltzer or soda water, strawberry or plum wedge for garnish

Mixing Instructions: In an ice-filled glass, stir together Dolin and soda water.  Garnish with fruit. (via Saveur)

Notes: Some things are beautifully in their precision - ‘Instinct’ + Dolin and Soda both fall into that category.  It is evident that the two years spent crafting this debut album were well spent with each beat, synthesizer and vocal carefully curated.  The end result, a windswept pop/dance album that feels like so much more.  Skaal!!

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