57. Swans - ‘The Seer’ + Cabernet Sauvignon

Swans - ‘The Seer’ + Cabernet Sauvignon

Notes:  The new Swans album The Seer will be a challenge to your attention span, no doubt.  Ringing in at just under 2 hours, you are right to ask yourself how you could possibly dedicate that much time to a single album.  Start by removing all your everyday distractions, putting this album on, and pouring yourself a glass of your favorite Cab one evening.  We’re not saying you have to sit in a chair and watch your vinyl spin for two hours (although, good on you if that’s how you roll)… but if you’re constantly checking your twitter feed you probably won’t every really get what this album has to give you.  Give it a shot (or a glass, in this instance), we think you’ll be surprised.

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