58. The Avett Brothers - ‘The Carpenter’ + Seven and Seven

The Avett Brothers - ‘The Carpenter’ + Seven and Seven

Ingredients:  Specifically—Seagram’s 7 whiskey, 7up, lemon wedge

Mixing Instructions:  Mix 2oz of Seagram’s 7 in a glass with ice, top with 7up to taste. Add lemon wedge to garnish.

Notes:  I am reluctant to say this only because it has the potential to be unnecessarily divisive, but—I’m glad I knew who the Avett Brothers were before Mumford and Sons ever appeared.  Similarly, I couldn’t be happier that their new album The Carpenter came out a couple weeks before Mumford and Sons drop Babel later this month.  It’s not that I don’t like Mumford and Sons, we’ll feature them here (again) when their time comes… but, if you’ve ever described an intense appreciation for Mumford and Sons and don’t know anything about the Avett Brothers, you have an education to seek.  It’s not about comparison, really, there are plenty of music lovers in the world to go around… but I just think a disconnect exists.  (And maybe it’s just me, feel free to comment.)

In short, I don’t know why more people don’t like the Avett Brothers… but it’s not my fight to fight.

The Avett Brothers have been perfecting their craft more artistically, and more passionately, for longer than many many other bands.  With Rick Rubin production for a second time, you’ll hear a crisper album with the same heart you should come to expect—and you’ll probably like it.  Seven albums into their catalog, you owe it to yourself to hear this album on vinyl. 

Whenever you start a discussion as I have here, it has the potential to come off with awkward loyalty from the writer or the reader to either side.  Forget it, know that The Carpenter is authentic music from an honest group of people… and enjoy this release with a 7&7.  You’ll be glad you did.

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