56. The White Stripes - ‘Under Great White Northern Lights’ + CC & 7

The White Stripes - ‘Under Great White Northern Lights’ + CC & 7

Ingredients: 2 ounces Canadian Club Whiskey, 6 ounces 7-up

Mixing Instructions: Fill highball glass with ice, add whiskey and 7-up, stir and serve.

Notes: During the summer of 2007, The White Stripes set out across Canada on a tour that would become the material for Under Great White Northern Lights, a compilation live album and documentary by the same name.  For fans of The White Stripes this album highlights so many great songs from the duo’s incredible discography including, “Blue Orchid” “Icky Thump” “Fell In Love With a Girl” and “Seven Nation Army.” The true knockout of the album, however, is a hauntingly beautiful, emotionally-charged cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” - a performance that few in music will ever match.  It seemed fitting that with the chilled Canadian air crackling under the gain of Jack’s electric guitar, one should enjoy this album with a Canadian rye whiskey - a simple, but classic toast to one of the greatest bands and performances of all-time.

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