146. Ty Segall - ‘Twins’ + Dixie Car Bomb

Ty Segall - ‘Twins’ + Dixie Car Bomb

Ingredients: 1/2 ounce bourbon whiskey, 1/2 ounce butterscotch schnapps, 12 ounces Pabst Blue Ribbon

Mixing Instructions: Pour the whiskey on top of the schnapps in a shot glass, drop it into the PBR and drink.

Notes: It’s become difficult to take the term “garage rock” too seriously as it’s often a lazy (or kind) way of describing overly fuzzed-out music that uses distortion and reverb to mask an embarrassing lack of talent or focus.  However, in the case of Bay Area rocker, Ty Segall, it’s immediately obvious that there are no shortcomings in either area.  He doesn’t just do garage rock justice…at this point he’s pretty much defining it with each new album.  His third LP of 2012 (you read that right) has moments of distortion-rich shredding, as well as deep grooves of psychedelic beauty.  Twins is un-ironic, pure, thick-cut rock that deserves time to envelop your senses, preferably while sitting on an old car seat in a smoke-filled garage with plenty of whiskey and cheap beer on hand.

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