Sonos record player setup

I just stumbled upon the fact that it is possible to set up your turntable with a Sonos system to play music.  I suppose it was only a matter of time, but I hadn't thought about the concept for a number of years and since I already have my receiver hooked up with an Apple TV, I wasn't really missing the ability to stream music from my phone and computer when I didn't want to play records.  Now that I know I can hook my Sonos up to the turntable and pump that audio all over the house, this feels like the perfect match for my love for playing music on vinyl and my desire to be in different areas of my house while doing so.

What you need to hook up your record player to your Sonos system

Audio Technica LP120 turntable connected directly to a Sonos CONNECT: AMP can stream directly to any Sonos wireless setup in your home (like the PLAYBAR) and if you want to use your passive (wired) speakers, you can plug them directly into the Sonos CONNECT: AMP, too.
CONNECT: AMP  ... much smaller than a turntable, despite what these pictures side-by-side would lead you to believe.

CONNECT: AMP ... much smaller than a turntable, despite what these pictures side-by-side would lead you to believe.

Audio-Technica LP120  w/built-in preamp

Audio-Technica LP120 w/built-in preamp

Even better, now that Sonos makes the CONNECT: AMP you can plug any record player with a built-in preamp (like the Audio-Technica LP1240) directly into the unit and start streaming to your Sonos speakers without a receiver.  And if you already have speakers you want to use that you had before, you can plug those into the CONNECT: AMP as well and it can function just like a traditional record player setup would... you don't even have to use the Sonos speakers for that.  It really opens up a world of options for what has traditionally been a limited ability to listen to records in one room.  

CONNECT: AMP  on the left, for size comparison.

CONNECT: AMP on the left, for size comparison.

With all the ways you can expand a Sonos setup by adding a SUB or PLAYBAR or just adding extra PLAY: 1, PLAY: 3, or PLAY: 5 speakers, you can really get a system that will serve you for a long time and lends itself more toward the person who prefers to have a little more convenience and technology at hand.


As a specific note, there are actually a lot of different products in their lineup that will allow you to connect a turntable to their equipment as a workaround to wireless streaming, just the way I listed above happens to be the easiest and most convenient, although not always the cheapest if you already have a setup in your house.  Again, if you just want to hook your turntable up to a Sonos system, you can probably do so with a good preamp and some other accessories if your turnable doesn't have a preamp built in.  

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