How I organize my record collection

I finished reorganizing my record collection this morning.  I suppose I didn't really reorganize it more than just I flowed in all the vinyl I purchased in the last six months since the last time I organized it.  But, it was a lot of vinyl.  It's been an incredible year for music already. Throw Record Store Day into that mix and all the sudden I have 36 LPs that need space within an already organized collection.  Good problem to have, I argue. 

Anyway, so I kept the organization that I used last time, which I prefer.  

Strictly alphabetical.  No genre's or sub genres or anything like that... just alphabetical.

Also, *important to note*, I alphabetize by first name of artists.  To each there own on that front, but when I look for, say, my Fiona Apple record, I don't like going to the A's to find her name... because I don't refer to her as Apple, Fiona.  I look at artist names as though that is their band name or their 'brand' if you will.  So to me it makes sense to file Kurt Vile under K rather than V and to file Van Morrison under V rather than M.  

Record Collection.JPG

I'm pretty sure just about every record store I've ever been to does it the more traditional way  (alphabetized by last name)... but I don't mind being alone on this one.  

I also alphabetize by album title within an artists collection.  But I'm thinking about switching that up next time and going for alphabetizing by name and then by chronological order of LP release within the artists name.  Probably only modest movement within the shelves if I do switch to that.  

And with that I have to ask, am I out to lunch on how to organize my records?  How do you do it?  Do tell.