171. Torres - ‘Torres’ + George and Ginger

Torres - ‘Torres’ + George and Ginger

Ingredients: 2 ounces George Dickel Tennessee whiskey, 2 ounces ginger ale.

Mixing Instructions:  Pour whiskey over ice into a highball glass.  Add ginger ale and serve.

Notes:  22-yr old Nashville musician, Mackenzie Scott, was a writer first, then a singer.  This distinction is important…and when you listen to her self-released debut album you understand why.  Her voice is quite remarkable, swaying back and forth between sugary sweet and rusty-bladed growling, but it is skillfully shot into the listener’s consciousness with a quiver full of lyrics ripe beyond her years.  “So I’ll be sure to turn my back / On everything you said you’d do / I’m gonna come to terms / before I have to.”  Tackling subjects like isolation, heartbreak and subjugation, she does so in a way that is poetic, image-rich and full of guts and heat.   Much like Brandi Carlile, the powerful combination of voice & lyrics requires little else along the lines of support, but Torres deftly skirts the singer-songwriter label by layering in just the right amount of creative instrumentation.  One to keep an eye on in coming years, give Torres a spin and keep things simple with a Tennessee whiskey & ginger. 

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